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Not For You

One of the hardest things about sharing anything with the world–my writing, my jewelry, my tarot card readings–is dealing with the haters. The world of social media is now filled with trolls, people who make it their full time job to scroll around and leave hateful feedback everywhere they go.  They are mean.  They are hurtful.

Today, I let myself get frustrated by one of these nitpicky souls who was questioning my use of a specific word, claiming I didn’t even know what it meant.  I countered (I shouldn’t have countered, I know) with my right to use any word creatively in my own writing to create a mood or evoke a feeling.  I felt hurt and embarrassed because there are all those hateful comments out on the world wide web for everyone to read…and then I remembered…

I didn’t write for those haters.  I didn’t write for those trolls.  I didn’t write for those who hide behind their computer screens, waiting to pounce.  I don’t read tarot for them.  I don’t teach for them. I don’t make jewelry them.  All these things I do are for me and also an open invitation for those people I call my tribe, the people who “get” me, to gather ’round and come closer.

If you don’t like it, move on.  I see plenty of political posts, memes, photos, and whatnot that aren’t my cup of tea, but rather than insult the creator, I simply move on to find the things that do appeal to me.


Ways We Can Work Together

Kinda, Sorta Ready? Let's Get Started!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m honored, really, because the world wide web is huge, and here you are.  Thank you.

I am happy to work with you…

I can coach you one on one through Desire Mapping or in a small group so your to do list becomes a “hell yes” list.

I’m happy to read tarot for you to give you delicious insights…or teach you how to read and understand the mystery of tarot in private lessons.

Are you curious about working with the moon cycles, basic woo woo or witchery, or working with candles and crystals? I’ve got you.  I get you.  Let’s roll!

Online courses. One on one private lessons, online or in person.  …And some jewelry on Etsy and books on Amazon thrown in for good measure.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath, and send me an email, and let’s rock this world together!

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It is always a treat to be published on Rebelle Society; so much gratitude: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2016/10/25/katiecraig-succubus/

Write It Down

Do You Believe in Ghosts?

photo by Jordi Carrasco http://bit.ly/2dRiK0m

photo by Jordi Carrasco http://bit.ly/2dRiK0m

Do you believe in ghosts? I do, but I think it’s important to throw a little logic at this belief from time to time.

Not every bump in the night is a ghost. Not every item that falls off a shelf is a ghost (hello, gravity and natural seismic activity?!).  Those paranormal shows on television are entertainment, folks, and real paranormal investigations are usually long and kind of boring at times.

I’m down with all things woo woo, but it drives me bonkers when folks give up their common sense and believe everything someone tells them about a ghost or a psychic hit or whatever.  Ask questions.  Think it through.

I attended an event yesterday that I thought would be interesting, and in some ways, it was…but do I think there are ghosts running amok at this location? Nah, not really.  Why don’t I think that it’s true?

I’m a local yokel, and if a spot is haunted, man, I’ve heard all about it.  I grew up with it.  I’m also pretty sensitive to the energy of places I visit.  I’ve been to that particular location dozens of times and the energy there is pleasant, fairly neutral.  Nothing makes the wee hairs on my arm stand up or makes me feel watched.  That’s not to say there’s no energy bouncing around; it’s rare to find a building with no “vibes” to it.  I’m just saying there’s nothing dark or menacing afoot.  If there’s anything to be “found,” it’s gonna be pretty mild.

The crowd was clamoring to believe, and I know how fun it is to buy in to the story…but bring your logic and your reasoning.  It’s no longer an investigation if you color everyone’s thought processes ahead of time with wild tales; it’s para-tainment. You’ve tainted everyone’s logic with storytelling…and that invalidates the “experiences” of your participants.  Para-tainment is fun, too, but don’t try to pass off para-tainment as science. Yep.

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Etsy, Rebelle, and More Classes, oh my!


I finally got around to opening up my Etsy store between the new moon and full moon this month! I’m not precisely sure why I was procrastinating (proCRAFTinating?) this so long.

Part of the issue, I think, is always the nagging, pesky fear that people won’t like me/it/this/that. It’s scary to put yourself out there. For me, it always comes back to the realization that I will craft because I enjoy the process. I will write because the words have to come out. I do these things for myself, and if someone else happens to dig them also, then yay!

Also between the new moon and full moon, I finished an article that got published on Rebelle Society. You can check it out right here if you haven’t already seen it. Their site is full of such creative, cool contributions.

Our intro to woo woo course went very well, and the attendees were interested in angel and fairy tarot class. Stay tuned; we will do that class in October! You can participate from the comfort of your own home.

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Camp Woo Woo Has Been Awesome!

FullSizeRender (7)

Our first online class together has been fantastic!
We’ve talked about crystals, the moon cycles, divination, cleansing space, and tonight we wrap it all up with a talk about creating your own sacred space.
I’ve really enjoyed sharing information and bringing new folks into the world of woo!

The Gift of Forgiveness

Tiny candle at night

Tiny candle at night

I shared this on my personal blog, but I thought it should also go here.

There’s someone I see fairly regularly that I have been pissed off at for, I dunno, five years or more. Honestly, this person really f#cked up and made a terrible choice once upon a time. I’ve been mad ever since at a person I’ve known since childhood.

Tonight, the clock struck midnight, and it was my birthday. I decided I didn’t want to carry this anger around another year. People screw up. I know I’ve epically screwed up and sometimes wish I’d made different choices along the way. I’ve wanted merciful forgiveness that has yet to come and may never come for me…but I can give that forgiveness to someone else.

I took a deep breath, let it out, and approached him. I shook his hand and held it, gave it a little squeeze. I dropped the weight of that anger, the heavy pull of disappointment and hurt, right there.

The choices made so long ago were not awesome, but the fact is that they can’t be unmade. I have a choice now to be angry or to let go, and with this birthday, I give him and myself the light and gentle gift of forgiveness.

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