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April, 2014

Change Is Good, But Are You Ready?

I’m going to be participating in a wellness challenge that starts this weekend and goes for eight weeks.  Not everyone in my social circle is participating, and that’s absolutely okay by me.  One of the more gung ho members wants everyone in a five mile radius to sign up, whereas I’m more relaxed about who […]

Write It Down

Writing it down is a big deal when your “it” is your goal, your dream, an aspiration.  You’re committing to it.  You’re saying, “Hey, Universe, I want this to be real!”  Goals and dreams  that float around in your head are just daydreams, wishful thinking. Do you want your “it” bad enough to write it down? Make […]


Sparkly sumptious beads.  I love to make jewelry, but even more than making jewelry, I love collecting beads.  I love the colors, the shapes, the textures and the limitless possibilities of a pile of lovely beads.  Limitless possibilities: that’s what we’re here to explore. What inspires you to consider that anything is possible? A newly […]


Let’s Work Together

I believe in sharing lots of free content so that I am adding value to this world, sharing what I know, sharing the love, just because you never know how it might help someone else to get through a rough moment or find some inspiration.  I will always share lots for free; over on my […]

Dance Break: Ziggy Marley

For all the digging deep, soul searching and challenging yourself to think differently about your options in this life, I am rewarding you (and me!) with a dance break! Ziggy Marley: I saw him in concert in the late 80’s when he opened for INXS.  You could feel his jubilance, his positive energy, even from […]

Share Your Talent with the World

I believe firmly that everyone has a talent, a gift.  Some have the gift of gab and they’ve never met a stranger.  Others can cook.  Others are a shoulder to lean on, cry on.  Some paint.  Some can repair computers without ever having formal training.  Others have a green thumb, sprouting flowers from dirt.  Some […]


Do It Already!

  I love the quote above from Amelia Earhart.  To quote Nike as well, “Just do it!” But I don’t know how.  But I don’t have a degree in blahblahblahism.  But I don’t have the money.  But I don’t have the time.  But but but but…enough already! This is where hiring a coach can come […]


Tick Tock

  One of my favorite people often says, “The time will pass anyway, whether you choose to act or not.”  Truth! Getting a college degree might take you two more years, but those two years will pass whether you enroll or not.  Finding a new job could take a year or more, but the calendar pages will […]

Follow the Leader

  Maybe you’re an aspiring leader on your way up the career ladder, or maybe you’re a brand new leader…you could be a coordinator, a supervisor, team leader, manager, director or any other number of titles.  One day, someone gives you a title change, and magically you are supposed to know what to do! Leading […]


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