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June, 2014

A Little Bit of Woo Woo

I felt like we needed a little woo-woo, a little spiritual guidance, to mix it up a little here.  Today I pulled a card from the gorgeous “Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards” by Sonia Choquette. My question was: What do we need to focus on this week? I got a super appropriate card in response […]

Being an “Amateur” is Just an Excuse!

You don’t have a degree yet.  Or you haven’t taken that certification course yet.  You have never charged anyone for that thing you do as just a “hobby.”  You’re just an amateur, you say.  You can’t apply for the job, enter the race, write the book, climb the mountain, speak at the meeting, say what you […]


Check out this short video

If you are on the fence about pursuing a dream, please check out this video, a one minute excerpt from a commencement speech given by actor Jim Carrey.  Known as a comedian, his spot-on wisdom is pure magic.  Please watch this minute-long excerpt from the speech here!



Mindful silence is important, I believe, for hitting your goals, getting your thoughts together and managing stress.  Mindful silence is paying attention to your own thoughts.  It is not scrolling through Facebook for hours, liking every status.  It can be meditation.  It can be a walk around the block.  It is not watching TV or […]