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August, 2014

Coming Pretty Darn Soon

I have a super short non-fiction book coming soon called Twisting in the Wind.  It will be available in print mostly because I want a print copy to put on my own bookshelf, but it will also be available as an e-book from Amazon.  You do NOT have to own a Kindle to get Amazon e-books!  […]

Slow Down!

I am a scheduler, a planner…some might say a control freak.  I like to get things done.  Sometimes, I forget to schedule and plan breaks for myself! “Really? Is this chick so nutso she has to plan relaxation?” you might be asking. Yep.  I’m a single mom, a few jobs, and at home, I’m the […]

Ask for What You Need

I struggle with this, too: asking for help.  I won’t ask for someone to take my kiddo out to lunch so I can have an hour of quiet.  I will carry all the groceries in even when my old injured shoulder is screaming in pain. I am getting better at asking for help.  When I […]

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When I Write…aka You Can Get Stuff Done Too

A common question that emerged after my story was posted on another website was “When do you write?” Single mom. A job or two or three. Pets. A yard to mow.  Groceries to buy.  How do I find time to write? I have a no-excuses commitment to myself to sit down and write something, anything […]