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September, 2014


I wanted to share that the most recent articles I sent out to another site for consideration were rejected.  Putting yourself “out there” when you share what you love to do means sometimes you will hear “no.”  Not everyone will love you, and this is ok! Hearing “no” means you are trying.  You are stepping […]

Hitting That “Submit” Button

I finished composing a post that I thought was perfect for a specific website. I figured out where I was supposed to go to upload my document, typed up my cover page to go with it, browsed to my file…and froze. What if they reject me? What if they never answer at all? Am I […]

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Do Something Kind

My birthday is this week.  I won’t lie: I love cake and presents, so yes, those are welcome and appreciated. A few years ago, I was having a really painful time personally and professionally around my birthday.  I was very sad and feeling incredibly discouraged, and on top of that, I was sick with an […]