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August, 2016

Snapped Me Back Like a Rubber Band

It was the most recent full moon.  I was meditating in the temple with the others, following a guided meditation to open our hearts.  I was out there somewhere, deep in the meditation, neither here nor there, following a silver thread out into the ether in search of peace and stability…when I was slammed back […]


Welcome…and Let’s Have a Class, Wild Things!

Greetings to my wild tribe! A big welcome to those that just joined in today and yesterday through my Rebelle Society post! If you want to catch up on past emails so you’re absolutely in the know on my backstory, here’s the first one, here’s the second one, and here’s my most recent email  linking you […]

From my email list…

When we last emailed, I left you hanging with “I worked…and I worked…and then…” If you joined my email list after that first email message went out, you can catch up on the story right here.  If you saw my article on Rebelle Society, welcome to my tribe of awesomeness! In hindsight, it’s funny sometimes […]