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September, 2016

Etsy, Rebelle, and More Classes, oh my!

I finally got around to opening up my Etsy store between the new moon and full moon this month! I’m not precisely sure why I was procrastinating (proCRAFTinating?) this so long. Part of the issue, I think, is always the nagging, pesky fear that people won’t like me/it/this/that. It’s scary to put yourself out there. […]

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Camp Woo Woo Has Been Awesome!

Our first online class together has been fantastic! We’ve talked about crystals, the moon cycles, divination, cleansing space, and tonight we wrap it all up with a talk about creating your own sacred space. I’ve really enjoyed sharing information and bringing new folks into the world of woo!

The Gift of Forgiveness

I shared this on my personal blog, but I thought it should also go here. There’s someone I see fairly regularly that I have been pissed off at for, I dunno, five years or more. Honestly, this person really f#cked up and made a terrible choice once upon a time. I’ve been mad ever since […]

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