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A couple years ago, I was getting my photo taken at a professional studio for my then day job.  I’m wearing my suit, because surely a suit is required to be taken seriously, right? I’ve got my makeup on and my hair freshly cut.  Mister Photographer wants me to do various “power poses” to show my “leadership style.”  All I could do was laugh.  I laughed my way through the whole photo shoot, and I ended up with lots of photos of me smiling with flushed cheeks.  What I realized looking at those photos is that laughter is really at the heart of my leadership style.  We can all do important work in our jobs and at home with a smile and a sense of humor.  I’m here to help you make personal and professional breakthroughs with exuberance!

Just me. Nice to meet you!

I have two associate’s degrees, a bachelor’s degree and an MBA, all attained while working full time and as a single parent.  I signed up to do a triathlon despite not knowing how to swim, and by golly, I completed that tri!  I learned to melt glass to make my own beads when I couldn’t find a bead shaped like a pumpkin exactly like the one I imagined.  I wondered how self-publishing a book works and where do ISBN numbers come from, so I published my own book to find out how it all happens from start to finish.  Walking around in the craft store, I was frustrated that I didn’t know what all the doodads were for on the cake aisle, so 12 weeks later, I’d completed 3 levels of cake decorating classes.  What does all this mean for you? It means I am your go-to girl for goal setting and time management.  Let’s dust off your goals, dreams and aspirations and get going in the right direction.

In addition to all those educational credentials, I’m a Certified Angel Card Reader, a Reiki master/teacher, a Desire Map facilitator, and I’ve studied with both Medicine Women and Witches.  Candles, crystals, and card readings are just as much a part of who I am as all the logical bits.

Working together, we’re going to have fun as we clarify your goals and get you moving toward your dreams.  We can do important work with happy hearts.  Work with me!

Me and a pinwheel

I am terrible about being serious when getting my photo taken.


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