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YES!! Let’s Desire Map

I am super excited to announce I am a Desire Map facilitator and that there will be workshops in 2015! YES!! More news to come soon soon soon! I am building a separate list for workshop interest.  Bounce over HERE for a few more details and to join that mailing list.

Let’s Work Together

I believe in sharing lots of free content so that I am adding value to this world, sharing what I know, sharing the love, just because you never know how it might help someone else to get through a rough moment or find some inspiration.  I will always share lots for free; over on my […]

Do It Already!

  I love the quote above from Amelia Earhart.  To quote Nike as well, “Just do it!” But I don’t know how.  But I don’t have a degree in blahblahblahism.  But I don’t have the money.  But I don’t have the time.  But but but but…enough already! This is where hiring a coach can come […]