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From my email list…

When we last emailed, I left you hanging with “I worked…and I worked…and then…” If you joined my email list after that first email message went out, you can catch up on the story right here.  If you saw my article on Rebelle Society, welcome to my tribe of awesomeness! In hindsight, it’s funny sometimes […]

In Case You Missed This Email Or Aren’t On the Email List:

Who won? And why did I make all those weaving loom potholders?! Today, I’m sharing a winner’s name, and I wanted to do a little introduction…and I refuse to apologize for all those weaving loom potholders I used to make! As a thank you for all the likes and shares for my sassy article on […]

Jump Up and Down With Me: Rebelle Society!

Yesterday, I was kickin’ around in my pjs, getting over the flu.  I popped open Facebook, and one of my dear friends had tagged me in a post…I was published on Rebelle Society, and she knew it before I did!  How cool is that?  I happy danced as much as a recovering girl can!  Celebrate […]

Hold me to it!

I have been kicking around ideas for some online classes for over a year now, but I’ve been too chicken to talk about them or make them real. In 2016, I wanted to get a class or 2 or 3 going! We’ll use a private Facebook group for each class as well as live webinars. […]

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It’s 2016, Ya’ll!

Welcome to the new year! It may surprise you to know that even though I love setting personal goals around my Desire Map core desired feelings, I pretty much despise New Year’s resolutions.  The calendar flips over and every commercial on television and every magazine cover tells us we need to lose weight, earn more […]

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I’m Still Here

I didn’t forget about you: I have been so gosh darn sick, ya’ll! Seriously! I am on my third consecutive round of antibiotics…and this is perhaps my fifth or sixth round of meds since late November. My giant mug that holds four cups of tea is full of cinnamon tea and honey to keep me […]

YES!! Let’s Desire Map

I am super excited to announce I am a Desire Map facilitator and that there will be workshops in 2015! YES!! More news to come soon soon soon! I am building a separate list for workshop interest.  Bounce over HERE for a few more details and to join that mailing list.

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