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Shame and Truths: RIP Jennifer

A cross post, also posted on my personal blog. Shared here, too, because I think it’s important to think about and because I miss my friend. It’s the morning after the election. I scrolled through Facebook, and between the flood of posts from both the gloaters and the weepers, I remember that I lost a […]

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It is always a treat to be published on Rebelle Society; so much gratitude: http://www.rebellesociety.com/2016/10/25/katiecraig-succubus/

Jump Up and Down With Me: Rebelle Society!

Yesterday, I was kickin’ around in my pjs, getting over the flu.  I popped open Facebook, and one of my dear friends had tagged me in a post…I was published on Rebelle Society, and she knew it before I did!  How cool is that?  I happy danced as much as a recovering girl can!  Celebrate […]

Coming Pretty Darn Soon

I have a super short non-fiction book coming soon called Twisting in the Wind.  It will be available in print mostly because I want a print copy to put on my own bookshelf, but it will also be available as an e-book from Amazon.  You do NOT have to own a Kindle to get Amazon e-books!  […]

Now Read This!

Reading is great inspiration, good for whatever ails you. Lately, I’ve been loving James Altucher.  Check out Choose Yourself and rock your world, a mere 99 cents on Kindle. His brutal honesty about failing miserably over and over and still managing to pick himself up yet again, earn a living and be happy is engaging.  James Altucher […]