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Not For You

One of the hardest things about sharing anything with the world–my writing, my jewelry, my tarot card readings–is dealing with the haters. The world of social media is now filled with trolls, people who make it their full time job to scroll around and leave hateful feedback everywhere they go.  They are mean.  They are […]

Ways We Can Work Together

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m honored, really, because the world wide web is huge, and here you are.  Thank you. I am happy to work with you… I can coach you one on one through Desire Mapping or in a small group so your to do list becomes a “hell yes” list. I’m happy […]

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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts? I do, but I think it’s important to throw a little logic at this belief from time to time. Not every bump in the night is a ghost. Not every item that falls off a shelf is a ghost (hello, gravity and natural seismic activity?!).  Those paranormal shows on television […]

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Want a tarot reading?

I’d be delighted to read for you!  You can find more about my tarot readings over here. We can do a general reading if you’re interested, or we can dig into love, career, or health…or whatever strikes your fancy. <3

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Snapped Me Back Like a Rubber Band

It was the most recent full moon.  I was meditating in the temple with the others, following a guided meditation to open our hearts.  I was out there somewhere, deep in the meditation, neither here nor there, following a silver thread out into the ether in search of peace and stability…when I was slammed back […]


Leap Year

Yesterday was February 29, and since February 29 is a rare animal, I decided I should do something unusual that I don’t do every day. I’m a dork, because I have to say it took me all day to think of something out of my normal routine to do. I completed an application last night […]

Hold me to it!

I have been kicking around ideas for some online classes for over a year now, but I’ve been too chicken to talk about them or make them real. In 2016, I wanted to get a class or 2 or 3 going! We’ll use a private Facebook group for each class as well as live webinars. […]

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More Woo Woo Goodness Coming Soon!

2016 is about more woo woo and less…ummm…non woo woo.  More reiki, crystals, tarot, moon manifestation, all the juicy fun stuff.  Working on a course or 2 for this year, and along with that will come some updates to this site.  Stay tuned, fasten your seat belts, and let’s rock this party!

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