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Pep Talk on a Friday Morning

I need a pep talk this morning, so while I’m giving myself one, I thought maybe someone else out there might need one, too.

I’ve been exploring new employment options for several months now, mostly secretly on the downlow.  I’m being more open about it now, because maybe someone I know has heard of a fab job that’s just right for me!

Anyway, I’ve been applying my little heart out for part time work, then full time work, and now both part time and full time work.  For months, I’ve been hearing nothing at all other than the sound of crickets.  This week, I’ve been getting a flood of responses…and all of them are “no.”  So many rejections are pouring in this week that I just want to go back to bed!
Whoa.  This is no fun.  It stings the ego, and it feels awful.

“Hey, wow, this is a pretty miserable pep talk, Katie!” you might be thinking, and you’re right.  Here comes the pep talk part:

All the “no”s lead us to our right and proper “yes”es.  The “no” is so often for our greater good, even though it really doesn’t seem that way at the time.  Think back to the things you wanted over the years that you didn’t get…and notice how not getting what you wanted in that moment brought you to something better or a new way of thinking or dropped a brand new person into your world that wouldn’t have happened if you’d gotten a “yes.” Sometimes we really need the “no.”

I wanted a job at a particular software company years ago.  I had a long and wonderful interview with these fantastic people that I adored on the spot, and then I didn’t get the job.  I was so disappointed. The company was close to my house, innovative and creative, and the pay was great for this region.  I sulked for weeks about not getting the job.  My feelings were hurt because everything seemed so right and perfect, and the interview was wonderful. Sigh.

That amazing cool edgy company failed and went out of business about 18 months after I interviewed there.  If I’d gotten the job, I would’ve found myself out of work as a single mom in a city where tech jobs are incredibly hard to come by in the first place.  That stinging dreadful “no” was absolutely the right thing for me, because with a little patience, I ended up landing the position that I kept for the next fifteen years, providing a stable, reliable income for my kiddo and me. I needed that “no.”

So.  This morning I am reminding my (pouting, sulking) self that every “no” is going to lead the way for a marvelous “yes.”  The only way to fail at this is simply to stop trying.  Applying and trying and reaching out is a success because it takes courage and bravery to begin.  I’m telling you that if you are being smacked around by the word “no” this week, it’s okay.  We’re going to find our “yes,” and the yes will be worth the wait.

We can do this, friends.  We will triumph, and we’ll wonder why we got our knickers in a twist over these little bumps in the road.  These bumps in the road are part of the journey.  Think about it: if you were loaded up in the car to go to Disney World, and 5 miles from home you hit a jarring pot hole, you wouldn’t turn back and go home.  You’d shake it off and keep going toward your destination.  Let’s keep going.

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