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Ways We Can Work Together

Kinda, Sorta Ready? Let's Get Started!

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m honored, really, because the world wide web is huge, and here you are.  Thank you.

I am happy to work with you…

I can coach you one on one through Desire Mapping or in a small group so your to do list becomes a “hell yes” list.

I’m happy to read tarot for you to give you delicious insights…or teach you how to read and understand the mystery of tarot in private lessons.

Are you curious about working with the moon cycles, basic woo woo or witchery, or working with candles and crystals? I’ve got you.  I get you.  Let’s roll!

Online courses. One on one private lessons, online or in person.  …And some jewelry on Etsy and books on Amazon thrown in for good measure.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath, and send me an email, and let’s rock this world together!

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